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Sterilizzatore UV


UV sterilizer with uniform water flow, no dead corner, good light radiation condition, complete sterilization, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation.

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External line disinfection technology is the latest generation of disinfection technology rising in the late-1990s. It integrates optics, microbiology, electronics, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide spectrum, low cost, long life, large water volume and no secondary pollution. It is internationaly recognized as the mainstream consumption technology in the 21st century.

It is mainly used to sterilize cooked food and water. Widely used in hospitals, food, herbal medicine, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, health products factory, medical products, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy factory, brewery, beverage factory, bakery, packaging products factory, etc.

The (ridrig principle of the equipment is: the ultraviolet wave band is mainly between the range of 200-300nm, the bactericidal ability of 253.7nm is the strongest.

All kinds of bacterial viruses in water or air pass through the ultraviolet (253.7nm wavelength) irradiation area, ultraviolet rays penetrate the cell membrane and nude us of microorganisms, destroy the molecular bond of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA), make lose the ability of replication or activity of the virus, so as to kill all bacterial viruses without using any chemical product.

The sterilization lamp does not need to be converted led into visible light and the wavelength of 100-200nm can play a good role in sterilization. This is because there is a rule in the absorption spectrum of the light wave of the cell. The ultraviolet light at 100-200 nm has the largest absorption. The absorbed ultraviolet light actually acts on the genetic material of the cell, namely DNA, which plays a role in photochemistry. The energy of ultraviolet photons is DNA. The absorption of the base pairs can cause the variation of the genetic material, and make the bacteria die or can’t reproduce the offspring. So as to achieve the goal of sterilization.

The Sterilization efficiency UV and disinfection technology has a sterilization efficiency that a Cher technologies can’t match. The bactericidal efficiency is 99% - 99.9%.

The following table lists the sterilization time of LP/technology for several common bacterial uses, which generated lakes less than 1 second. However, it usually takes 20 minute to 1 hour for traditional chemical disinfection methods such as chlorine and ozone to achieve the sterilization effect of uftraviolet C.

Features and scope of use: UV sterilizer has the characteristics of uniform water flow, no dead angle, good light radiation conditions, complete sterilization, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation, the main material is stainless steeI, no metal ion infection problem because the product structure is quartz sleeve type sealed vessel, with electrical control device inside. Among them, the key ultraviolet lamp has a theoretical life up to 10000 hours, reaching the international advanced level. The product has beautiful appearance, compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, residents, hotels, schools, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, high-purity water preparation, public places or direct drinking leisure tourism or other industries.

Doesn’t leave residual chlorine in the water.


The disinfection effect of UV-C on bacteria, virus and other pathogens has been recognized all over the world, and it has incomparable sterilization efficiency. Virucidal and bactericidal effect of ultraviolet on bacteria and virus is generally occurs in about one second. For the iraditionaI chlorine and ozone methods, it usually takes 20 to 50 minutes to achieve the sterilization effect of ultraviolet. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency sterilization.


Ultraviolet has strong killing power to bacteria, but it can provoke harm to human body. The most vulnerable part of human body is the cornea of eye. Therefore, it is not allowed to look directly at the lighted lamp tube at any time to avoid injury. If it is necessary to look directly, ordinary glass (with glasses) or transparent plastic sheet shall be used as the protective mask. Quartz glass is the best material to use with ultraviolet rays, while ordinary glass can hardly penetrate ultraviolet rays. there is also a danger of facial burns if you get too close to the device. Eye injury can be red, wollen, tearful, ling ling, for about three or four days to recover. In any case, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately in case of any injury.


Check regularly to ensure the normal operation of the UV lamp. After 9000 hours or one year of continuous use, the ultraviolet lamp should be replaced. When replacing a new lamp, first unplug the power socket of the lamp and take out the ultraviolet lamp. Pay attention not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, because the stain will affect the intensity of the light, and carefully put the lamp into the chamber of the sterilizer.


1. Outer body of area-tunnel: 1.2 mm stainless steel plate.

2. Working area tunnel inner cavity: 1.0mm 304 high quality stainless steel plate set.

3. Body support frame: one set of square steel.

4. Conveyor belt: high grade Teflon mesh bell.

5. Conveying roller: clean friction resistant stainless steel roller.

6. Conveying power: the conveying speed is 0-20 M min adjustable according to the production needs.

7. Bearing beam (pieces), balancing device: flat water foot cup.


1. Inorganic speed regulation range of mesh belt: 0-5m 1 min adjustable.

2. Transport motor: 250 W.

3. Governor: stepless speed regulation.

4. Ammeter: one set of 20a.

5. Working voltage: 220V (± 5) single phase three wire system 1501-1z.


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Sterilizzatore UV

Sterilizzatore UV

UV sterilizer with uniform water flow, no dead corner, good light radiation condition, complete sterilization, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation.

For informations, prices and orders write to:

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