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Flow Packing Machine


VSB Packing Machine with 3 Servo Motors.

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Touch screen: Can be set up the relevant language basing on customer’s requirement. Easy operation, automatic fault diagnosis function, so the fault can be seen and understood more clearly, easy maintenance.

High-level through beam fibre optical sensors: Detect the different length of products automatically and no need to adjust the bag length by manual.

No product, machine will stop, no empty bag, save your cost.


The first motor controls the feeding conveyor belt, the second motor controls the film loading device, and the third motor controls the horizontal sealing part. Three axis synchronous, various speed. Detect the product and pack, no product and machine will stop. It will reverse automatically if the cutter device touches the product, so will be not caused the cutter damaged.

The tail frame of 3 servo motors adopts the belt without partition wall. Mainly use for the different length of product. Of course the same length products also can use this belt or the machine with 3 servo motors.

tabella packing machine 1


1. Adopt the fibre optical sensor to detect the length of product automatically, so the product length is not required.

2. Detect the products automatically, if no product go into the film, the machine will stop, no empty bag and no cutting the products.

3. Servo motor controls the horizontal sealing device, air cylinder controls the cutter. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4. More quiet working, more stable running, more delicate construction.

5. Adopt imports electric appliance, touched screen with easy setting up parameter and fault self-diagnosis function, good understanding for fault on the screen.

6. High sensitive sensor to track the eye mark, so the position of sealing and cutting will be more accurated.

7. Independent PID controls the temperature, so various film materials can be used.

8. Fixed position and machine stops, no waste the film and no stick on the cutter.

9. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.

tabella packing machine 2

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Flow Packing Machine

Flow Packing Machine

VSB Packing Machine with 3 Servo Motors.

For informations, prices and orders write to:

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