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PFD-50DLA Disco ottico doppio strato per XDCAM 50Gb
PFD-50DLA Disco ottico doppio strato per XDCAM 50Gb
  • Modello: pfd50dla
  • Prodotto da: Sony

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Sony PFD50DLA - 50Gb Pro Optical Dual Layer Disc

Sony's new Professional Disc recording media is a 5 inch (12cm) rewritable optical disc capable of recording in two layers (50GB). By achieving a track pitch of 0.32μm, with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and by utilizing blue-laser technology, the disc media can attain high density recording more than 10 times (50GB) than that of a DVD (4.7GB) using red-laser technology.

High Transfer Rate and Long Recording Times
The specially designed, dust, shock and X-ray proof product is constructed to be compatible with the new dual optical head recording system, enabling a maximum writing transfer rate of 172 Mbps (using two optical heads) and 86 Mbps (using one optical head). The dual layer media will record approximately 190 min. of SD content in DVCAM mode at 25 Mbps and 270 min. of HD content in MPEG mode at 18 Mbps. This unique combination of extensive recording capacity and high transfer rate capability ideally positions the disc for broadcast and professional applications.

High Writing Speed for Linear Editing Capabilities When used with the software upgrade for the PDW-1500 for new linear editing functions, the writing speed of the disc is increased to 2.4 times of the previous PFD23. These new editing functions allow the user to perform Assembly edits and Video Insert edits.

High Durability and Re-write Cycles
The Professional Disc provides the same features as standard optical formats, such as split-second random access and ENG/EFP-ready durability, which is a result of the fact that the optical head never touches the media. With both models of the Professional Disc media, you can expect a minimum of 1,000 read/write/erase cycles under specified operating conditions. And with an archival life of over 50 years, the Professional Disc is a highly durable and reliable option in recording media.

CapacitÓ di memorizzazione (GB): 50
Lunghezza d'onda laser blu-violetto (nm): 405
VelocitÓ di trasferimento dati in scrittura con 2 testine ottiche (Mbps): 172
Diametro disco (mm): 120
Larghezza cartuccia (mm): 128,6
Altezza cartuccia (mm): 130,6
ProfonditÓ cartuccia (mm): 9,1
Larghezza cartuccia (pollici): 5,125
Altezza cartuccia (pollici): 5,25
ProfonditÓ cartuccia (pollici): 0,375
Formato registrazione: Registrazione con cambio di fase
Passo delle tracce (Ám): 0,32
Cicli di cancellazione/scrittura/ettura (volte): superiori o uguali a 1.000
Cicli di lettura (volte): superiori o uguali a 1.000.000
Tasso d'errore (Raw BER): Inferiore o uguale a 0,0002
Durata di conservazione indicativa (anni): superiore o uguale a 50
StabilitÓ di archiviazione indicativa (anni): superiore o uguale a 50