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Video Cash Only s.a.s.

VideoCashOnly s.a.s.Since 1987 Video Cash Only deals with the design, marketing and installation of both wholesale and retail professional and broadcast audio equipment and accessories.

The main brands dealt with are: Sony, Panasonic, Ikon Video, Evertz, Yamaha, Manfrotto, Canon, Swit, Cartoni, Plaber, Sennheiser, BlackMagic Design and other niche brands for satellite up-links.


We are specialists in solving impossible problems!

We mainly deal with:

  • Design and implementation of radio and television studios with staff training.
  • Design and construction of mobile control units with staff training.
  • Sale of equipment for satellite connections.
  • Sale of satellite spaces.
  • Rental of equipment for video, optical, tripod and microphone cameras, TRIAX systems, Wireless systems,          Encoders, Decoders.
  • Sale of wireless and satellite video connection services for major sporting events, politics, fashion, congress ...

Our technical staff has designed and built OBVAN for television filming and DSNG for satellite up-link, providing important companies in the international Radio-Television sector, both public and private.

Even the transmission systems for terrestrial television made with equipment supplied by the most important international companies in the sector, have enabled us, with "turnkey" solutions, to be known and appreciated especially in the Asian and African areas.

You can visit our offices, laboratories, warehouses and showrooms that cover a total area of ​​2,000 square meters.


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